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Obituary Examples

Obituary Examples

It can be an extremely difficult task to write an obituary after a loved one's demise. The examples of obituaries given in this article will help you understand how to write the same.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult times in any person's life. Writing an obituary at that point of time can seem like a superfluous task, but it is a necessary one. There are many funeral homes and mortuaries that will probably take up this task for you, though it may be best to write the obituary yourself. Writing an obituary for someone who has been an important part of your life can be considered a form of therapy, and it can help you express your pent up emotions. This can be a great way of expressing your love and affection for the person who has passed away, and to tell the world what you thought their best qualities were.

Examples of Obituaries

Bereavement is natural and it will definitely be an emotional time for you but writing an obit can help you remember the person for all the good he or she stood for.

Jessica Hall, resident of Nevada, passed away on 29th April, 2012, at the age of 63, at her house in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ms. Hall was born on the 13th of August, 1949 in Houston, Texas. She moved to Nevada as a young child with her family. Ms. Hall chose the life of a doctor taking inspiration from her father. For almost thirty years, she dedicated her life to working with children from the poorer districts of Las Vegas, running free clinics, and helping them cope with their situations, physically and emotionally.

Ms. Hall is survived by her son, Jeff Hall, and daughter, Grace Adler.

At Ms. Hall's request there is no service that is being held. Please send your condolences to P.O. Box 9357, Las Vegas, Nevada 47346.

Aaron Richard Gardener passed away peacefully, surrounded by all those who loved him deeply, on the 29th of April 2012.

Aaron was born on the 20th of February 2012, and for the past two months was fighting a battle for his life. During these short two months that he spent with us, he touched our lives and soul, and his presence in our life is a gift we will always be thankful for.

Aaron is survived by his parents, Joanne and Peter Gardener, and sibling Lisa Marie Gardener.

The funeral services will be held at Elm View Mortuary, on the 2nd of May, 2012.

How to Write an Obituary

The best way to learn how to write obituaries is to read examples in the newspaper. You will notice that there are a few details that are consistent with every obituary. These elements need to be included in any obituary that you are writing. The tips given below should be helpful in the task of writing an obit.
  • Most obituaries start with information about the deceased's death and end with information about their surviving family. The first sentence will generally include the full name of the person who has passed away, their place of residence, the date of death, and in some situations, how they died.
  • Next, it will include information about when the deceased was born and in cases of minors and young adults, information about the parents.
  • If you refer to examples of obituaries, you will notice that with some detailed obituaries people also list out the accomplishments of the people who have passed away, and how they influenced the people around them.
  • At the end, towards the right hand side you will usually have a list of the names of the surviving members of the family. It is also admissible to write the names of the surviving members in a sentence.
  • The obituary ends with information about the date of the funeral, burial, and the wake.
You may also include information about where to send gifts or donations in memory of the deceased. It is important that you read it a couple of times before sending it out to the newspaper. Correct any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. All of these extremely important points need to be kept in mind while writing an obituary.
These examples of obituaries will hopefully make your task of writing an obituary less difficult. Losing a loved one can never be easy, and this is just a way of remembering them for every good thing that they were representative of.