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Sample Thank You Notes

Sample Thank You Notes

Gratitude and respect are the greatest things you can offer to people who matter to you. There are some wordings in this article for parents, friends, teachers, and colleagues, which will help you in writing a thank you note.
Torque Earnest
There are three things every one of us should know and which makes us human. They are expressions of gratitude, love, and asking for forgiveness. These are common feelings which exist in the animal world too, but what makes us humans different is the power and ability to express. It is not always a necessity that you express 'thanks' only while responding through thank you notes for gifts. What is really necessary is to be aware of all the people who have mattered in your life, and in some way or other have been in a pivotal position.

A Few Examples of Thank You Notes

Writing a thank you note for your parents does not require any creative ways to say thank you because a small gesture like a hug and whisper in the ear saying 'I love you' or 'Thanks mom / dad' is sufficient.
Sample #1
I know we don't get along well when we are in person, in front of each other, but I just wanted to say that you have always been someone whom I deeply respect and love and follow as my idol but was unable to admit it somehow. Through this little note, I wish to let you know the same. And I mean it Dad.

Your son,

Apart from the timely graduation thank you notes that you write to your teachers who have made you what you are today, in a position to stand somewhere in this huge world, see the following words to thank a teacher. It will give you an idea of sending a thank you note.
Sample #2
My dearest Guide,
I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words you spoke during my tough times and stood beside when I was finding it difficult to cope up with the pressure. It is only because of you that I stand where I am today in a crowd and be recognizable as a valuable person. As you used to say, "Education is what gives you the power and power is in the mind," Today, I truly understand its meaning and cannot thank you enough for whatever values you have ingrained in me.

Thanks a ton for making me the person I am. I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Yours lovingly,

Sample #3
My Rock of Gibraltar,
Oh yeah, I know your GK is weaker than mine. Sorry, I 'll explain what that means. Rock of Gibraltar is an example given when something is rock solid in someone's life and stands by under any kind of circumstances.

You, pal, are my rock of Gibraltar and I wish to share one more secret today with you. I, myself, never knew what a rock of Gibraltar is. All the other things I used to explain you and it is only because of your immense and insatiable quest for knowing things that made me study the extra bit and update you on the same.

Am sorry for messing up the note, I am unable to hold my tears while I write to you. Just wanted to say I love you from the depth of my being and will always be thankful to you and God for sending me this wonderful gift for life, in the form of you.

Always yours,

Be it a thank you note for money lent by your colleague for an emergency when you were broke or a thank you note after interview, expressing thankfulness in the professional world in the written format can be little tricky, but nevertheless, over a period of time you will know who your true mates are. So writing a note of thanks won't cost you much.
Sample #4
Dear RSM,
Thank you a lot for being there during the taxing slogging hours of the past week. It was such a moral booster to have you around. I am deeply grateful and appreciate the way you understood my personal problems too and helped me overcome the extra burden I was carrying around. Lastly, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my potential.


Apart from these sample thank you notes mentioned above, you can discover many ideas which will express gratitude like sending an SMS or just dropping by some day to your loved ones home, etc. Just let go of your inhibitions, that is the biggest writing tip I can give you for this purpose.