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5 Online Translation Tools to Learn Elvish

5 Online Translation Tools to Learn Elvish

Elvish languages refer to the languages that the elf tribes in the magnum opus creations of J.R.R. Tolkien 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' use. This article gives you a list of online elvish translators.
Anup Patwardhan
Did You Know?
Tolkien had created the Middle-earth languages a few years before he had even started working on 'The Hobbit' or 'The Lord of the Rings', the books in which he has abundantly used these constructed languages.

Tolkien has been credited with the creation of many languages that the elves use in his books. The elves have their origins in German mythology. In the works of Tolkien, they belong to the fantasy world, known as the Middle-earth. Qenya, which has later been referred to as Quenya, is first of the elvish languages that he has created. This, along with Sindarin, are the two languages that have been extensively created by him.

Many have later worked for creating the rules of usage and grammar of these languages. Even after his death, Tolkien continues to contribute in this process. Many of the writer's works that have been published posthumously have helped all those who are interested in understanding these languages better.

For the enthusiasts of Middle-earth languages, given below is a list of websites that provide tools that will assist in online elvish translations.

Council of Elrond

This website provides one of the most exhaustive databases about elvish languages. A few examples for elvish translations have been provided here. The translations are from Sindarin to English, and Quenya to English. Elvish dictionaries are also available on this site. These dictionaries give the meaning of words from Black Speech, Quenya, Noldorin, and Rohirric languages in English. This site also provides users the tools to translate English to Quenya, and Sindarin.

Check out Council of Elrond

English-Elvish Translator - Angelfire

This translator is provided on a privately hosted site on Angelfire. This tool provides the users with options to translate words from Elvish to English, along with a provision to translate words from English to Elvish. The users of this app can translate phrases from Elvish to English, and also the other way round. However, the app does not mention any particular Elvish language to and from which the conversions are made.

Check out English-Elvish translator - Angelfire

Arwen Undomiel

This site is dedicated to 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit', the books as well as the movies. There are translations of the Middle-earth languages provided on this site. It also provides an overview of these languages, along with providing an explanation of various phrases from Elvish. Provided here are also translations of some names into Elvish.

Check out Arwen Undomiel

Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary

As the name suggests, this site is dedicated to only one Elvish language. The dictionary provides translations to and from the Middle-earth language Sindarin. There are also details on symbolism that are used in this language provided on the site. This dictionary provides a more comprehensive insight into the language. The grammatical role that a word or a phrase may play, and its reference and definition are available here. In case users have to share any new or different information from what is already available on the site, they can make contributions to the various projects.

Check out Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary

Parf Edhellen

This website provides its users with an Elvish dictionary. The dictionary provided here is a collaborative effort. The word lists have been imported from Quettaparma Quenyallo, Parviphith, Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary, Parma Eldalamberon 17 Sindarin Corpus, Mellonath Daeron, and Tolkiendil Compound Sindarin Names. One can find translations of words as well as phrases available in their database.

Check out Elf Dictionary: Parf Edhellen

The site for Ardalambion provides enthusiasts with a more comprehensive understanding of the Tolkien languages, along with their rules and grammar. Hand-held devices also have Elvish translator apps. Elfic is one such app that is available on the Play Store. Similarly, here's an app available on the App Store that provides users with Elvish translations.