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Permission Slip Examples

Permission Slip Examples
A permission slip gives you permission for outings, like a field trip, church, movies, etc. The following article provides you with some permission slip examples.
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Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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Permission slip
Permission slip, as the name suggests, is a letter for giving permission to your ward or students for doing something, with reference to school activities, field trip, picnics, movies, etc. It is also required for fun trips along with scouting trips, sports competition, social work, or outdoor activities through some organization.
The letter needs to be signed by parents and guardians for letting their children participate and go out with groups. These groups are usually of schools or other activity organizations, like non-profits, social clubs, adventure clubs, etc. The format of the letter should mention any intolerance to medicines, which will be useful in case of emergencies and food allergies as well (if any). Any other important information pertaining to the ward in question should be mentioned in the letter to avoid unnecessary problems later on. In the paragraphs below, you will also learn how to write a permission slip.
Sample Permission Slips
For a Field Trip
Name of Organization

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Name of Parent)
This is to inform you that your son/daughter, along with the entire class, is a part of the field trip organized by the school. It is a trip to the vineyards and is scheduled from 0800 hours to 1700 hours on the 13th of March. All the expenses will be borne by the school.

We hereby, ask for your permission for allowing your son/daughter to attend this particular field trip, as it would help him/her learn the following:
Purpose 1
Purpose 2
Purpose 3
Please fill and sign on the second half of this letter and send it along with your son/daughter.

Class Teacher's Name
Signature of Principal
------------------------------------------------- cut here--------------


Subject: Consent Letter

I grant permission to take my son/daughter for the said field trip on the Specified Date. In case of emergency, I permit you to take steps as the need be.

Medicine Intolerance (if any): (For example) Sulfur based drugs

Parent's Signature
Contact No.
For Medical Reasons
This is one of the few essential permission slips that is needed by doctors from parents or guardians for treating a minor.
This letter gives authority to the doctor to operate or administer medication and try different treatments as they think is required on a patient.
The format consists of the date and details of the child, for example, the name, age, gender, medicine intolerance (if known to the parents or guardian), medical history, etc.
It also contains the details of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency. The following example will help you understand this better.

                           Name of Hospital

Patient's Name
Date of Birth
Address and Contact No.
Insurance Policy
Family Physician

I permit the doctors to give treatment as they feel fit for the conditions of my ward and will be responsible for all the expenses occurred in the due course.

Guardian's Signature
For the Church
This sample can be used by Fathers, Brothers, or anybody who takes care of the administration and office documents.
It is to be given to parents and guardian of volunteers for participating in some event.
The format is nothing different from the ones mentioned above. The only difference is that the heading will have the name of the church instead of the name of the school or the organization or the hospital as mentioned in the samples above.
For a Boy Scout/Movie
The purpose in this case too, remains the same, i.e., asking for permission from the parents or guardians for letting their son/daughter participate or get involved in certain activities like outdoor adventure games.
In case of movies, the format should specify the certification and category of a movie.
Certification refers to the recognition of the movie in terms of whether it is a G, PG, etc.
This indicates if the film is suitable for the general audiences, or if it is an adult film, or if it is too violent, etc.
The category would include whether it is a war-based film or a film based on social evils, like human trafficking, etc.
These were some of the important examples of permission slips. These templates will help you draft one for yourself.
Mad Fight Of Business People
Boy Screaming In Outdoor
Fire and girl