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Recommendation Letters for Students

Tips and Ideas to Write Authentic Recommendation Letters for Students

A recommendation letter can help a student to get admitted to college, or to even secure a job. The following article will help you to effectively write such letters.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Recommendation letters are written by a teacher or counselor on behalf of a student. The purpose of writing these letters is to help describe the student, and state the reason that shows why he is a suitable and deserving candidate.

Tips for Writing Recommendation Letters

When you are approached for writing a letter of recommendation for students, you need to ask them for providing you with the application form. You need to understand the college or the job, for which the student wants to apply, and draft your letter accordingly. The letter should be addressed in an appropriate way, especially when you need to write on a separate sheet. If you do not know the name of the person to contact, you can use 'Dear College Admissions Representative' or 'Dear Sponsorship/Job Selection Committee'.

You need to introduce your creditability and relationship to the student, and need to state your position or designation, and how you know the student. In case of an application form, you need to answer all the questions honestly and thoroughly. You should state the student's intellectual capacities, character, and leadership abilities. In the closing paragraph, mention your contact information. You can state that you are available to answer all the additional questions regarding the particular student.

After you finish writing, proofread the entire document. Make sure there are no punctuation, spellings or grammatical errors. The letter should be sealed officially with a school stamp, or unofficially with your signature and date across the envelope flap. It should be either sent directly to the college, or handed over to the student along with the other application forms. The following example will help you to draft proper recommendation letters.

Example of Recommendation Letters

Sample Recommendation Letter for Students
[School/College/University Letter Head]

Name of Sender
Address of Sender
Phone Number
Fax Number
E-mail Address


Name of Recipient
Address of Recipient

Dear (Name of Recipient) or To Whom it May Concern,

Paragraph One
Here you need to introduce yourself and the student. You need to mention the project undertaken by the student, which also shows the related academic progress.

Paragraph Two
Details about the project and analytical skills of the student are written in this section. You need to explain how and when the student carried out the project study. You need to explain the logical and relevant explanations and results, which the student came up within his/her project/study.

This is a follow-up of paragraph two, where you show the written and oral communication skills of the student. You need to show that he/she is a team player, and give a valid proof to back your point.

In this paragraph you write about the students personal nature. You should write how hardworking and well-disciplined he/she is with a pleasant personality. You need to show that the student is a highly motivated individual, who will not back away from taking a positive initiative.

Paragraph Three
This is where you speak about recommending the student for the program or college applied. You need to tell the reader that he/she will get a chance to grow academically, if inducted by the respective prestigious institute.

Closing Statement
You can close the letter with a statement saying that in case of any further assistance, or any further information needed, you can be contacted by the authorities.

Yours Sincerely,


Your Name

This sample letter provides precise information regarding the students capabilities, and highlights why he/she should be admitted to higher learning programs. You should always make copies of the letter, just in case the student needs it. A typical letter should not go beyond two pages. Do not mention the students weakness, and mention the capabilities that have documented evidences. Also, do not include the students personal information like their Individual Education Program score or other similar test scores.