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Sponsorship Letter Sample

Sponsorship Letter Sample

Sponsorship letter is an essential part of any marketing, event or fundraising campaign. It is an art to choose the right words in your sponsorship letter sample that will help get you sponsors. The following article will provide you with some easy tips to draft an effective letter.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: May 30, 2018
As a profit or non-profitable organization, one may seek sponsorship letter samples to help them raise funds for their upcoming events and fundraising campaigns. If you are not able to cover all the expenses for an upcoming event or need sponsorship to help you raise funds, a proper format of sponsorship letter will help you get people to bail you out financially.

Many times it is not just the company, but an individual who may need sponsors to enter a sport competition or similar event. In such cases a sponsorship letter is written to companies or individuals, who can aid the individual financially. When writing comes into the picture, you need to harness your letter writing skills. The format of sponsorship letter should contain the right words that make someone want to sponsor you. The following tips and samples will help you keep in mind some fine points while writing a letter.

Tips for Sponsorship Letter Writing

You need to use proper letter format while writing a sponsorship letter. You need to write the title of the person you are addressing. Then continue to write the address and the date. Begin the letter with proper salutation addressing the reader.

The body of the letter is the heart of letter. You need to first introduce yourself to the potential sponsor. In this case, you need to state you name, followed by your designation in the organization or club you are running or working with. Then mention the activities of the organization or club and give the reasons as to why the reader will be interested in sponsoring your event.

You need to explain why you need sponsorship in detail. It is not always non-profit organizations in need for sponsorship. Many small-scale business organizations, companies, etc. are also in need of financial help to cover the expenses of an event hosted by them. Educational institutes, sports persons, etc. also require funding to support their cause. Thus, explain these crucial requirements in your letter and ask for sponsorship in a crystal clear language. The potential sponsor should feel, his/her help will not go waste by promoting your event.

You should request for sponsorship with sentences like, 'We would be grateful if you would help sponsoring our event.' You can even ask for specific things or materials for your event, like a banner, announcements, advertisements, etc. You should quote the prices or quotations required for these requirements. This will help the company decide the financial aspect and how much can they afford to give you. You can even give details about who will be attending the event, the names of chief guest and the publicity aspect of your event. You can even mention the print, radio or television coverage that you may receive. Insert a telephone number, fax number and address of contact with name of contact person, in case the sponsor wants to discuss matters further. Thank them for their consideration and sign off with your name and designation, if applicable. The following sponsorship letter examples will help you draft a letter according to your needs.

Sponsorship Letter Example

Sponsorship Letter Sample
Print the Letter on Company Letter (in case of corporate sponsorship)


Dear ____________:

I am writing to see if you and (name of company) would be interested in sponsoring an event for Old Mary Junior High School. We would like to invite Mr. Johnson Stark, the mayor of our town ___________.

The objective of the fundraising event are:
___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________.

The event would be held on (date) at ___________________. Your generous sponsorship would be highlighted in announcements to the community, during the introduction at the event itself and in an article about the event to be published in the newspapers. You and any other representatives of (name of company) would be most welcome to attend so that we could thank you personally for your support.

The estimated audience of _____ would benefit tremendously from your generosity. The cost to sponsor the educational program would be US$ ____. I would be most appreciative of a telephone call to let me know of your interest. My telephone number is ____ - ______ - ___________. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for considering this request.

Sincerely yours,
Your Name

This was a simple yet to the point sponsorship letter example. You can draft your letter around the structure of the above sponsorship letter sample. A sponsorship letter is a very important aspect of any fundraising event. If you wish to gain maximum benefit for your cause or event, it is very important to draft an eye-catching and convincing sponsorship letter. Use the tips given in the preceding paragraphs to draft a letter that gets you number of sponsors.