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10 Recommended Dean Koontz Books to Read

10 Recommended Dean Koontz Books to Read

Dean Koontz is probably one of the best writers of his time. With so many page-turner novels to his credit, no further introduction is really needed. This Buzzle article lists the top 10 books by Dean Koontz, which are must-reads and very popular.
Priyanka Athavale
Various Pen Names!
Dean Koontz wrote under many different pen names. Some of them were Aaron Wolfe, K.R. Dwyer, Anthony North, Brian Coffey, Leigh Nichols, and Owen West.
Dean Ray Koontz is a world renowned author of many outstanding thriller and suspense novels. What makes this author great is his gripping storytelling, and the way he builds the characters, intricately and full of depth. Added to that, most of his works have been made into movies, many of which went on to become quite popular.

Most of his stories deal with dark elements, like murder, killers, demons, etc. For example, Intensity and Velocity deal with the concept of murderers. The Taking is about strange phenomena taking place on the earth, and Odd Thomas involves supernatural spirits. The following paragraphs list the top 10 books written by Dean Koontz in their chronological order, not in the order of any ranking. Some of these novels have movie adaptations as well. Read on the know the names of the most popular books written by this author, which were best loved by readers all over.
Published in 1987
Movie Adaptations - Watchers (1988), Watchers II (1990), Watchers III (1994), Watchers Reborn (1998)

This sci-fi novel revolves around complicated science experiments, dogs with extraordinary thinking abilities, and many high-speed chases.

Travis Cornell, a member of the special forces, has finally returned home. When he decides to take a walk into the woods, he chances upon a very queer scene, a Golden Retriever and a dog-like monster locked in a stand-off. The Retriever saves Travis from the monster, so Travis takes him in.

He later realizes that the dog is too intelligent for his kind, and understands everything. He names the dog Einstein. The two save a harassed woman, Nora, and they all become friends. Travis soon realizes that Einstein and the other creature have escaped from a Government laboratory where they were a part of a top-secret science experiment. Will Travis and Nora be able to escape the federal agents and save the loyal Einstein from being taken away?
Published in 1988
Movie Adaptations - None

The best way to explain this novel in two words: time travel. The day Laura Shane is born, the town experiences a strange storm and lot of lightning. What none of the town people know is that Laura has been saved by a mysterious person.

This blonde man, who calls himself Stefan, turns up many times in Laura's life, saving her life every single time. Again, there are chases, cover-ups, men with guns, edge-of-the-seat fights, and yes, time travel! A great novel to read if adventure and excitement are what you crave.
Published in 1989
Movie Adaptations - None

Something is wrong in Moonlight Cove, and Harry Talbot, a wheelchair-bound war veteran, is not going to sit and do nothing about it. After seeing bodies being taken to the cemetery every night, he sends a worried letter to the FBI. They, in turn, send their officer, Sam Booker, to investigate undercover. At the same time, Tessa, a sister of one of the victims, has come to personally check into her sister's death.

Together, they begin to look for answers to the strange events in the town, and almost get killed many times. They soon discover that a mad scientist had converted the people of the town into super humans as an experiment. But what he did not foresee was the deadly side effect of the same.

The fast-paced plot unravels quite well, with a big showdown, a major cover-up, nail-biting chases, near kills, and a once popular tourist spot turning into a ghostly town. This is horror on an entirely different level.
Published in 1995
Movie Adaptations - Intensity (1997)

This thriller novel revolves around 26-year-old student Chyna Shepherd and the serial murderer Edgler Vess. When Vess breaks into and kills all the members of her friend Laura's family, Chyna realizes that her weekend stay at her friend's house is going to turn into a nightmare soon.

With everyone dead, Chyna thinks that Vess has left and comes out of her hiding place. But fate has other plans for her, and she is captured. However, her sheer smartness, presence of mind, and immense courage are what help her escape, and with that begins a cat-and-mouse game of dangerous chases, with the protagonist and antagonist taking turns to be the pursuer and the pursued one. What makes it all worth it is the powerful, dramatic, and intense showdown that will make any reader gasp in surprise. A must-read for thriller enthusiasts.
Fear Nothing
Published in 1997
Movie Adaptations - None

This book follows 24 hours in the life of 28-year-old Christopher Snow. Christopher suffers from a rare disorder known as xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), which does not allow him to come in contact with any kind of light, not even a computer's.

His mother, a scientist has already died, and his father is on his death bed. When Christopher visits his father in the hospital, his father tells him something that Chris does not understand. When his father dies, Chris sees the hospital director and an unknown man exchanging his father's body with another one.

They spot Chris and a chase ensues. The chase is the start of the adventure that Chris and his dog Orson embark upon to unearth deadly secrets about the military base in their town, Moonlight Bay. Chris soon realizes the extent and seriousness of the situation, and also the role his mother had to play in a secret that might as well cost him his life.
From The Corner Of His Eye
Published in 2000
Movie Adaptations - None

Bartholomew Lampion is born on the day that his father, Joey, dies. He also almost loses his mother, Agnes, while she is giving birth to him. Born on a tragic and unusual day indeed, this boy is rather special. There is something about him, and mainly about his eyes, that no one can quite place, but everyone is fascinated by. He is a prodigy, doing things that are far too advanced for his age, with powers that no one can explain.

Enter Cain Enoch Jr., a.k.a. Junior, the merciless antagonist of the story, who is delusional, a sociopath to the core, and frankly a little disturbing. Having been told by a priest that a certain Bartholomew is going to bring about his end, he sets out to search and kill him.

On the other side of the world, a child is born out of rape, and the mother dies while giving birth. Angel White is brought up by her aunt, but the circumstances of her birth have caused her to form a link with Bartholomew. The events that follow and the lives that clash and intertwine with each other are what make this bestseller a real page turner. Worth reading for the sheer sake of the depth of the characters, and the fabulous descriptions given by the author.
Odd Thomas
Published in 2003
Movie Adaptations - Odd Thomas (2003)

The novel revolves around a 20-year-old cook whose name is Odd Thomas; who is also kind of a psychic. He can talk to ghosts, so he helps them.

The main plot involves Thomas trying to save the town he lives in from imminent disaster, and he has only 24 hours to do it. When 'Fungus Man' Robertson walks into the diner where Thomas works, the latter immediately senses that there is something off about this newcomer. He then sees that Robertson is surrounded by the spirits of death.

Thomas realizes that this man is about to do something terrible; something that will destroy his town and all its residents. He must stop Robertson and avert the danger that is coming his way. But will he be successful?
The Taking
Published in 2004
Movie Adaptations - None

The general theme of this book is 'end of the world'. A young couple, Molly and Neal Sloan, wake up one day to find a very odd kind of rain pouring on their town. Sensing something wrong, they and the other townsfolk gather together to stay in hiding. The rain soon gives way to an ominous fog. But what comes after this fog is something that none of them could have ever imagined.

Strange lights in the distance, unexplained and inexplicable phenomena, death, and a strong presence of fear are soon noticed. This novel deals with human courage, love, sacrifice, and loyalty quite directly. The fantastic writing makes the story play out in front of the eyes, scaring and alluring at the same time. What really happened in that town? And will Molly and Neal live long enough to know?
Published in 2005
Movie Adaptations - None

The book follows a few days in the life of protagonist Billy Wiles, who is a barman, an ex-aspiring writer, and a complete introvert who prefers to keep people at a distance. The story begins with a brief description of his life and personality. Everything is going normal for Billy until one day, it all changes to something very sinister.

When Billy discovers a note that threatens to kill someone whether he does or does not contact the police, he thinks it's a joke. However, a person does wind up dead, and then begins Billy's hunt to find this maniac. With the help of his friend, Billy soon finds out the identity of the killer, but the lives of him and the one person he holds dear are in grave danger. Will he be able to contain the threat, or will it cost him his life?
The Darkest Evening Of The Year
Published in 2007
Movie Adaptations - None

The story revolves around avid dog lover Amy Redwing, who runs a rescue and shelter for abused and abandoned Golden Retrievers. Her intense loyalty towards the dogs and the project doesn't surprise, but rather worries those who are close to her.

One spectacular rescue results in Nickie, a Golden Retriever, entering Amy's life. The two hit it off instantly and form a bond that Amy has never experienced before. However, sinister things start happening soon, and Amy, her dogs, and Brian, a guy who loves her, are all in grave danger. Death lurks around every corner, and Amy must stop whoever it is from harming all that she holds close. Is this all the result of the dangerous secrets she holds? Can she save all those that she loves from imminent death?
Some Honorable Mentions
Book Name 
Year of Publication
One Door Away From Heaven 2001
The Face 2003
The Frankenstein Series  2004
The Husband  2006
The Good Guy  2007
Relentless  2009
What The Night Knows  2010
77 Shadow Street  2011
Odd Apocalypse  2012
These were some more of the most popular books written by Dean Koontz. If there any books by this author that are not mentioned here, but you think that everyone must read, feel free to post the names in the comments section below.