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Relocation Cover Letter

Want to apply for a job in a different city? Then writing a relocation cover is very important to land that job. Here's an article about the same.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
These days, it is getting more and more difficult to land a job in the city which you don't live in. It is almost as though you have to live in a big city to get a good job. But what if you aren't, and a job opportunity arises there? And this is the job you'd love to have, mind you. Recruiters for a company first look at the candidates that are locally available. After all, they are paying the rent and the salaries, which means that they have an office there because they feel that they can attract the best talent there. So it'll take a bit of convincing to get them to appreciate the talent which you have and which you want to bring to the table, and end your job search once and for all.

The whole point of the writing this letter is to tell the company that in case they want him to relocate to any other city in the country or outside the country, the candidate is willing to do so. This gives the company an assurance that the candidate, if selected, does not reject the job because it is not in the city where he is currently located.

Why Are You Moving?
It is better to say that you've decided to move to the city where the job is located anyway, as opposed to stating that you are moving in just for the sake of the job. State that you already were looking for jobs in that city and looking to permanently shift there. Why? Because it gives the recruiting company more assurance that you will move! If you state that you will move only for the purpose of the job, it means that you're not too sure of making your new hometown permanent. Say something like you want to get into the city as there are better job opportunities there and companies which will realize the talent you have and use it to their advantage.

Why Should they Recruit You?
An important part a good cover letter ought to include is a touch of detail about your skills, your qualities and what you intend to bring to the company. Talk about your qualifications, your individual skill-sets and select aspects of your personality which will make the recruiters see things in a better light. Say that you may not be in the city in which they are recruiting, but the bottom line of any recruitment drive is that good companies should select good employees.

Cost of Relocation
Relocating can be time-consuming. Right from finding a house and furnishing it, to getting to know the modes of transportation or having your own. The company needs to know if you are willing to incur them all yourself. If you are, make a nice note of it so that the company will notice. In case you are, the company will no doubt consider you more favorably than it considers other candidates! In case you aren't ready to take up the whole expense on your own, make a smaller, more discreet note of the same.

Sample Cover Letter

Mr. (name of the person),
(address of the office of the company),

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, (your name), am a (qualification) and have applied to your company for the post of (post applied for).

I have been working in the (name of the industry) industry for (number of years) years now with (name of previous company). But I believe that moving to (name of the city you want to move to) will provide better opportunities for employment in my field. I will also be greatly benefited by working with better people.

It is beyond doubt that (name of the company you're applying to) is one of the best companies to work for in the United States and I'm sure with my hard work, passion and great knowledge of the subject, our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

I know I am presently located in (name of the city) but am willing to incur all the expenses that might be involved in relocating.

Thanking you,
(your name)

You can make a smart move with your relocation letter by simply stating your intent to move to a different city. After all, if it gives you a better job, it's worth it, right?