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Complaint Letter Sample

Complaint Letter Sample

When it comes to formal complaint letters, you need to get your message through loud and clear, while maintaining all the nuances in the professional world. Here is a complaint letter sample to help you write one.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
A good complaint is all the difference between getting your problem heard and sounding too whiny. Many of us buy goods/services that turn out to be bogus and do not live up to the promise of the seller. And, while complaining about all this in a letter every time isn't quite a feasible option, a repetition of such incidents ought to be brought to the notice of the management so that they can take corrective steps to save their other customers this ordeal. On that note, this article provides you with a complaint letter sample in order to know get the general idea of writing one yourself.


The temptation to write a letter full of abuses is overwhelming! But, personal rage aside, one needs to keep in mind the point, which is to simply convey the displeasure with the purchase. So, instead of penning down something, which is sarcastic, or rather, insulting, which the manager might perhaps just glance at and then chuck it in the dustbin, you'd rather write something, which is sensible and which will actually help the company improve on the mistakes it may unknowingly be making.

A complaint letter is a formal writing instrument and ought to be written in as much informative details as possible. Usually, when you purchase a product, at the back of the product, you can see a name and an address to contact in case you weren't satisfied with the product. So, start with writing that address on the top-left of the page. As is the case with formal writing, the subject should also be given that you weren't satisfied with the product you had used. The first paragraph should give the details of the product: the batch number, the point of purchase, etc. The second paragraph should deal with the problems, which you faced while using the product. The third paragraph should be about how you would like to be sent a replacement or a return of the money you paid for the product.


Let us assume that John purchased an LED TV from XYZ Company. The TV had a fault, and the LED backlights burned out within a week. John is writing a letter to the CEO of the XYZ company, Jim Smith.

Jim Smith,
CEO, XYZ Company,
North Avenue,
New York.

Mr. Smith,

Subject: Complaint about a TV set purchased on (date)

I would like to bring to your attention that the TV model (model) of XYZ company, serial number (serial number), which I purchased on (date) from (dealer) seems to have had a problem within a week of its purchase on (date).

The problem, he claims, is that the LED backlights have internally burned. I was told at the time of the purchase that in case of any faults with the TV, I shall receive free replacement/servicing of the TV. I contacted the dealer for the same, but he told me that I will have to contact the chief executive of the company directly.

I have attached a note from the dealer explaining the problem to you in better detail.

I am writing this letter to you expressing the hope that you will reply as soon as possible with the possible course of action, whether you can service it or replace the TV altogether.

Thanking You,


Business writing is always supposed to be formal and to the point. Hopefully, the person you are writing to will get the point too!