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Sample Donation Acknowledgement Letter

A Sample Donation Acknowledgement Letter to Make Your Task Easy

it is of utmost importance to acknowledge people who have donated to your cause by sending them an acknowledge letter. If you have problems drafting such a letter, take help of the sample provided in this Buzzle article.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
It was just few weeks ago that you were worried about the success of your fundraising campaigns. Fortunately, your effective letter writing skills have paid off and many companies have helped you to the best of their abilities. You, as a fundraising individual, are exhilarated that you'll be able to support your cause. Definitely, you must be having an urge to thank your supporter and donors. This is where the role of donation acknowledgement letter comes into play.

Writing Tips for Fundraising Letters
In the sample letter that you will go through, you'll find that there is certain professionalism displayed in writing this letter. Besides expressing your gratitude and thanks to the donors, you've to properly mention the help that reached to you. You've to give the statement of their help so that they can use it for their tax-deductible forms. Companies will really appreciate your concern and acknowledge your efforts. This will help you to establish a very positive image in the eyes of the donor company. In future, if you need any help, such firms may surely come ahead to help you. Also ensure that you don't forget to mention in the letter that acknowledgement receipt letter is an important document that the firm can use to get benefit from taxes.

Sample Letter: Fundraising for a School (An Example of a Letter by an NGO)

Help Always NGO
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone Number and Fax

Donor Name
Donor Address
Donor City, State, ZIP

Dear (Mention the name of firm/individual/authority/to whosoever it may concern),
Thank you for the contribution of USD 3,000 received on DATE (give the date). (In case, the contribution is any help other than monetary help, do mention it). Help Always NGO is 501(c) non - profit organization, federal tax identification number 6363748. The contribution you made is completely tax-deductible.

Help Always NGO was founded in the year 2004 and it has approximately 5,000 members working in various parts of the country and in the Asian continent. Our mission is to help victims of natural disasters by providing them basic necessities to return to normal life.

Your contribution was really helpful in carrying out all our tasks. We feel happy to inform you that your firms' contribution was the 3rd highest among 23 firms that helped us and we're really thankful for your support. The entire money has found a purpose by going to the needy people and they've been able to get back to normal life.

Please keep this letter as an acknowledgement of your donation for your tax records. We once again wish to thank you for all the support you have given us. To learn and know more about our latest activities, you can visit our website

Description of Donated Property:___________________
Estimated Value of Property:______________________

(Generally, it's the responsibility of donor to determine the adequate price for goods and services donated.)

In case the estimated goods and services are less than a specific amount, there may be no need to provide an estimate of the goods and services offered.

(Your Name)

Writing a donation acknowledgement letter is a simple task as you have to mention the facts about what the firm has donated and thank them for their help. Hopefully, by going through the sample letters, you must have got some idea about what to include in these types of letters.