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Scholarship Recommendation Letter Format

Scholarship Recommendation Letter Format

You've been asked to write a scholarship recommendation letter, but are confused about the format? Read this article. It'll give you knowledge and other tips on how to write it.
Sujata Iyer
Writing a scholarship recommendation letter for someone is a very important responsibility that has been handed to you. Your recommendation letter is what could make or break an aspiring student's career. So, it is imperative that you know the proper format of the letter before you start writing one. This Penlighten article will help you with some tips.
Basic Tips for a Writing Scholarship Recommendation Letter
  • Start with a fresh mind. Don't write the letter if you have other things on your mind. It can affect what and how you write.
  • Type out the letter. Avoid handwritten letters. It creates a better impression.
  • Use the full name of the candidate, at least at the first instance in the letter.
  • Avoid extremely flowery language. It doesn't make for good letter etiquette. The language should be complimenting, but only to a certain extent. Unnecessary adulation may raise suspicion.
  • If no special format or paper is mentioned and if you are writing as a member of a corporate entity, you can use the letterhead of your firm.
  • It's important that you know or at least get to know the student who's applying for the scholarship. This way, you will be sure of what positive personality traits you can highlight in the letter.
  • Verify all the educational qualifications and other achievements mentioned by the candidate in his/her resumé. As a person writing the recommendation letter, this is your moral duty.
  • Get your hands on the candidate's projects or any assignments that the candidate has submitted in the course of his previous academic course/s so that you can write about them accordingly.
Use the appropriate salutation while beginning the letter. If the letter has to be addressed to a particular person, then a simple "Dear Mr./Ms._______," will do. Otherwise, it's safe to simply say "To Whomsoever It May Concern".

This is the first and most important part of writing a letter of recommendation. It establishes your connection with the candidate. Basically, it covers the following points:
  • How you know the candidate.
  • Since how long you know the candidate.
  • How well acquainted you are with the candidate.
  • How and why you are qualified to write the letter of recommendation.
This is the most important paragraph, as it is by reading this that the person in charge will decide whether to go ahead with the rest of the letter.

The second and sometimes even a third paragraph should be about the candidate. Explain why you think the person is suitable for the scholarship. Highlight all the positive qualities that you know of the person. Also, tell them about how granting the candidate a scholarship will benefit both, the candidate and the institution as well. Mention instances of some excellent academic projects or researches that the candidate conducted under you. Also include any co-curricular activities that the candidate has excelled in. This will add weight to the candidate's resumé.

This is the concluding part of the letter. In this paragraph, you can briefly summarize all the points that are mentioned above. Also, stress again why the candidate is appropriate for the scholarship and that you highly recommend that it be granted to him. You can end with an offer to provide more information, if required. Graciously end the letter by simply writing "Sincerely, _______" . Also provide your contact details - email address, preferably, so that they can get in touch with you if and when required.

Dear Mr./Ms.__________,
As his high school teacher at (name of school), I have known (full name of candidate) quite well. He has been a wonderful student and it was always a pleasure to have him in the classroom. He is bright and modest at the same time. He has an uncanny ability to befriend anyone he meets and this got him voted as the (name of award) at the school's annual gathering.

(Name of candidate) is extremely hardworking when it comes to academics. His project on (name of project) was much appreciated by not only me, but the entire staff at (name of school). He's also an active participant at various co-curricular activities like drama and the reading club. Granting him the (name of scholarship) at your prestigious institute will greatly enhance both, him as a student and individual, and your institution. He will prove to be completely devoted to his academics and will go on to make (name of institution) proud, just like he's done ours.

I assure you that all the information given above is true and I will be happy to share any more information about (name of candidate) as and when required. I will end this letter by once again, strongly recommending him for the (name of scholarship). Feel free to contact me for any further information on (email address).


(your name, designation and signature)
Hope these pointers and the format helped you understand the intricacies of writing a letter for a scholarship recommendation. You can now go ahead and write one for a deserving student.