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Short Ghost Stories for Kids

Short Ghost Stories for Kids

Do your kids pester you for ghost stories at bedtime? Here are some interesting short ghost stories for kids. Take a look.
Aparna Jadhav
It's a chilly winter night, and you have a campfire lit in front of you, with the children gathered around it. Your tents are placed at the riverbanks, and you can hear the water gently flowing nearby. There is complete silence in the woods except for the sound of insects creaking in the nearby trees. The moon is up in the starry sky, and all the kids are waiting to hear interesting stories, sitting around the campfire. Well, this can be the perfect time to set the mood for some ghost stories. These are sure to make them jumpy, sending chills down their spines. Read on to find out what your options can be at such times.

Short Scary Ghost Stories
The most perfect time to narrate these to the children is Halloween. The best part is that even though the little ones get very scared, they are still eager to listen to the story till the end. Kids, being very innocent, start imagining things around them immediately. Hence, making them believe in ghosts is quite easy, even if they try their level best to be brave. To make your job easier, we have a few options put together below. Also, find an example, following the list, to show how you can use your own vivid imagination to create some spooks.

Burg Hill's on Fire ― Elizabeth W. Grierson
Hansel and Gretel ― The Brothers Grimm
The Old Witch ― The Brothers Grimm
Shippeitaro ― Mary F. Nixon-Roulet
Night Visitor ― Gillian White
The Benevolent Goblin ― Gesta Romanorum
The King of the Cats ― Ernest Rhys
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ― Washington Irving
Shadows in the Mirror ― Linda Hall
The Phantom Knight of the Vandal Camp ― Gesta Romanorum
The Strange Visitor ― Joseph Jacobs
Ghost Handprints
Raw Head and Bloody Bones
The Cursing of Colonel Buck
Something Was Wrong

The Old Woman and Her Dog
An old woman lived alone, with her dog, in an old, rugged house. Her dog was a faithful little thing. He was by her side whenever she felt sad, scared, or cold. He often sat under her bed. If she felt insecure, she would let her hand fall down to him, and he would lick it. One winter evening, while reading the newspaper, she read about a mental patient who had escaped, and was on the loose. He was known to target and murder lonely women.

Once she finished reading, she curled up in her blanket, and tried to sleep. However, for some reason, she couldn't. So, she let her hand down as usual, and felt the dog's comforting lick. She happened to open her eyes for a second, and saw the dog sitting at the open door of her room. However, the licking on her hand continued ...

Surely you got goose bumps after reading this one. However, if you don't want to narrate such creepy stories, you can always choose the ones mentioned in the list above. Be a little careful about scaring kids, since they are very vulnerable to such stories. Hence, make sure your ghost stories are simple, and playful at the end so that all the children can enjoy them.