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Solicitation Letter Samples

Solicitation Letter Samples

Solicitation letters help you draft powerful and appealing fundraising letters. The article below will provide you with some solicitation letter samples.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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A solicitation letter
One of the most difficult tasks involves writing a donation letter which is also called a solicitation letter. Many organizations who help people write solicitation letters to raise funds. These letters need to be written with extra care so as to make them appear personal and do not appear to force the reader to give donations. If you look at some examples, you will find they are very concise, clear and contain all the needed information in short.
In the following paragraphs, we shall have a look at the solicitation letter format as well as an  example that will help you learn more about the art of writing a donation letter.
Solicitation Letter Format
Use organization letterhead
When writing a letter, you should always use your organization letterhead. This will help identify your cause as an authentic and charitable one.
Be concise
You should be very brief in your letter and not write more than 4 to 5 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be about 5 sentences long.
Use convincing language
Write the letter in a persuasive language and explain the readers as to how they can help support the cause.
Explain the utility
It is important to explain how you will use the money and the impact it will have on the society.
Mention the date of fundraising
Don't forget to mention the target date to raise funds. This will help the reader know that he/she should hurry, if he/she is interested in making a donation.
Mention names of contributing groups
You can mention other respective groups, individuals and other organizations (with their permission only) who are going to make a valuable contribution to your cause.
Proofread the letter thoroughly and make sure you have not overlooked any typos, errors, or grammatical mistakes.
Mention a return address
Once the proofreading is done, fold the letter carefully and place it in an envelope. Write the address of the reader and mention a return address.
Appropriate postage
Paste appropriate postage and mail the letter. The following solicitation letter sample will help you get an idea about writing an effective letter.
Solicitation Letter Example
Company Letterhead
John Brown
Help Street Kids
0987, Mayfair Street
New York City,
NY 1233

Date: 15, March 2011

Mr. Abraham McHumery
Brown Street,
Gray Road,
New York, 1344

Dear Mr. McHumery:

I'm writing this letter to you on behalf of "Help Street Kids" program, an organization that provides aid to street kids around the city. The Help Street Kids Committee is a group of professional volunteers who work for the upliftment and better future of kids living on streets. We organize fundraising programs like charity balls and fun fairs to raise funds to support for the education and shelter of these kids. All you need to do is purchase tickets for the charity ball and coupons for the fun fair. The tickets cost just USD 15 and the coupons are available for USD 5, USD 10, USD 20, and USD 25.

Since last few years, the number of street kids has been increased immensely, and they are more prone to facing physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Hence, our organization is trying to make people aware of their plight and needs. We invite people to participate in our charity balls and fun fairs. We will be happy to see if you participate in any of the events hosted by us. You will not only give these kids your financial support, but help them believe they are loved and cared for by the society.

You can buy the tickets and coupons for the charity ball and fun fair by calling our volunteers at any suitable time for you. You can contact Ms. Sherry Warren on xxx-xxx-xx and ask her for more details. You can even visit our website and book your coupons and tickets online. We will deliver then to your doorstep at no additional cost. We will be providing you with a donation certificate, if you wish to shower us with more generosity.

Please feel free to contact for any help or information from me about the events hosted by us. Your support is necessary to make the lives of the street kids better and brighten up their future.

John Brown
If you look up the Internet, you will find many more solicitation letter samples that suit your need. Draft an interesting and appealing letter for donation that catches the interest of the reader. Do not bombard the reader with too many sad stories or keep asking for money. You need to sound genuine and concerned about your cause. Hope, the above sample of solicitation letter has helped you get a fair idea about drafting your own letter for funds.