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Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship Letter

A sponsorship letter is written to request someone to sponsor an event. This article will give you all the tips you need in order to write a sponsorship letter.
Ratnashri Dutta
Suppose you want to, say, organize a major event or run a club, what you need primarily is a large amount of money. If you cannot arrange for a huge amount on your own, you need someone who will agree to sponsor your event or your club. You need to know how to write a professional sponsorship letter so that your sponsor is impressed and agrees to sponsor the event. A sample letter template is provided below along with certain tips you need to follow.

Tips for Writing the Letter

Given below are some tips to write a good letter to your sponsor. It's important that you know the correct format, because the letter should create a good impression on the reader. If you just write a letter 'demanding' for some money, you may come across as desperate or needy.

Do your Research

Before you begin, it's best that you do some research about the company or the person from whom you are asking for the sponsor. You will get to know what kind of events they mainly sponsor - they may be related to children or women or other social issues.

Proper Introduction

Next, inform the reader either about yourself. Let them know as to what you are doing and how you are linked to the event. The sponsor should know where and to whom they are entrusting their money.

Description of the Event

Let the sponsors know everything about the event. They should know how the money is going to be used. Tell them why you need the money, where the event is going to be held, the time since your club has been organizing this event, etc.

Be Personal but Formal

Keep the letter as personal as possible. Use words like "Dear", and if you have no idea as to who the receiver is going to be, whom you are writing the letter, then just write "To whom it may concern", or maybe, "Dear Sir or Madam". A more personal letter makes the reader feel more close to the writer. But that does not mean that you communicate in an informal manner, stay professional where needed.

Short and Simple

Keep the letter as short and simple as possible. Use simple words, and do not explain in long sentences as to why you need the money. Be honest in whatever you write, and keep the letter short; do not write pages after pages. No one likes to read long letters.


At the end of the letter, do not forget to mention how grateful you are for the company or the organization sponsoring you or the event. You can also click pictures of the event, and send them to your sponsor. It is brilliant way to show them how their money is being used.

Sign Off

The last thing you have to do is to sign off. Give your name, your address, your designation, and also the contact details so that the person can contact you. Even if you use a letter head, it's best that you give these details again.

Letter Format

Sponsorship Letter

Name of the Sponsor:
Address of the Sponsor:

Reference: Reason for writing the letter

Dear Sir/Madam/Name of the Person

First Paragraph: Self introduction, for example if you are the president of a club, then mention a bit about what the club is all about.

Second Paragraph: This should contain a brief description about the event for which you need the sponsor. Write about what the event is all about, where it is going to be held, etc.

Third Paragraph: This is the most important paragraph where you have to write and ask them about sponsoring your event and you also have to tell them as to why you need the money. In this section, you have to very carefully choose your words. Do not make it seem that you are DEMANDING for money and also show your gratitude through this letter.

Fourth Paragraph: This is the closing paragraph, where you have to thank your sponsor and also inform them as to how they can benefit from this sponsor, such as putting up their banner, or giving out pamphlets, and advertising the company.

Sign off
Your own address and contact details.

Sample Letter

Mr. James Potter
Arsenal Sports Goods Company
123 ABC Lane,
New York City, NY 34
October 12, 2006

Subject: Sponsorship Chance Digjam Sporting Club

Dear Mr. Potter

I am Severus Snape and I am the President of Digjam Sporting Club, which is a popular baseball club and it was started by my brother 10 years back.

This club has at least a hundred boys coming from various backgrounds and schools and they have also played at various league matches. This year, our club won the Champions Trophy, and some of the players have also been accepted in various Universities for their sporting talents.

Every year, our club organizes an event called 'We Can Do It', the returns of which are donated to support underprivileged children who love to play sports, but cannot do so due to financial reasons. However, we are facing some financial problems in organizing the whole event and were hoping that you could help us out.

We can help advertise your company to other sports clubs who will attend the event. We can also hang a banner of your company near the main entrance. The company logo will be printed on the club sweatshirt. Your name will also be listed in our annual magazine that is sent to many sports clubs.

We really appreciate your help and would be grateful if you could let us know whether or not you accept our proposal. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely
Severus Snape
President: Digjam Sports Club
Washington D.C.

Now that you how to write the letter, and you also have a sample with you, you will not face any problems in future when asking for sponsorships from any organization or person. Just follow the simple steps given above.