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Sponsorship Thank You Letter Sample

Sponsorship Thank You Letter Sample

Thanking your sponsors for helping you conduct any kind of event is imperative, as it shows that you truly appreciate the gesture, and that you put the funding to good use. The article below provides you with a sponsorship thank you letter sample.
Puja Lalwani
Those who have actually received a sponsorship from an organization probably know how difficult it must have been to convince those organizations that the sponsorship was completely worth the cause it was sponsoring. Only after several sponsorship requests, pleas, and meetings, is it usually possible to get someone to sponsor your cause. As such, when the event that was sponsored turns out to be a success, the least you can do is thank the sponsor for making it possible. Appreciating the value of a sponsorship and the gesture itself is extremely important. It also makes the sponsor feel like she/he has contributed to a worthy cause, and you can be assured that she/he will at least consider another sponsorship in the future, whenever needed by you. So how do you thank a sponsor for making your event a success? One of the ways to do is by writing out a thank you letter. A sample has been provided here to give you a better understanding of how such a letter is written.

How to Write a Thank You Letter for Sponsorship

In any thank you letter for a sponsorship, you must first introduce yourself and tell the sponsor about the event that was sponsored. Also talk about the success that the event was, and how the purpose of the event has been fulfilled successfully. Finally, thank the sponsor for the generous support that they have offered you. Ensure you elaborate on what a great deal the sponsorship enabled so that they know exactly how the money was used, and the results it has effected. These were just a few guidelines regarding how a thank you letter for a sponsorship is written, and for a better idea, here's a sample that you can refer to.

Organization Letterhead


Name of Concerned Individual
Name of Sponsoring Organization
Organization Address
City, State

Dear Ma'am/Sir/Sponsor Name,

On behalf of the Environment Revival Center [your organization's name], I would sincerely like to thank you for the sponsorship you provided for our Tree Plantation Drive [event name] held on June 5, 2011 [date it was held], on the occasion of World Environment Day. Thanks to your generous sponsorship, we were able to raise awareness among budding environment enthusiasts about the prevalent condition of our local environment, and how carrying out a tree plantation drive was one of the many ways in which we could help salvage this current deplorable situation.

Thanks to our tree plantation drive, we were able to attract as many as 75 interested individuals, each of whom planted a tree in their name. These trees will now be taken care of by our organization. We have also persuaded these individuals to approach us with newer ways of spreading environmental awareness, for which we will conduct many more such events and make our town a better place to live in.

This event would not have been a success without the generous support you have provided us throughout. We deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have and continue to sponsor our efforts to make our town a healthier, happier place to live in. We sincerely hope that this association will be maintained and that you will continue to support us in our future endeavors.

Thank you.



Your Name

As you can see, this example fulfills all the necessary guidelines that writing a thank you letter for sponsorship entails. Use this sample to guide your process of letter writing, no matter what kind of event you are thanking your sponsors for. Moreover, you may simply send an e-mail following similar guidelines instead of a letter. Either way, the content of the letter should not differ, though the format will not require the mention of the address of the sponsoring organization. Hopefully this sample has been of help to you.