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Cute Tooth Fairy Poems to Make the Event Even More Special

Tooth Fairy Poems
Losing the first tooth is a special occasion for any child. Use these cute tooth fairy poems to make the occasion even more special.
Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
A tooth fairy is one of the earliest, and oldest belief that has thrilled children the world over for centuries. Small six year olds, happily and enthusiastically wrap and tuck their first shed milk tooth under their pillow. After that starts the wait, for the tooth fairy to come and leave behind that precious one dollar, which is often their first ever 'earning'. So, why not make the most of this occasion by making it memorable by reading a few poems to your little one?
Poem for the Kid
To instigate your child's curiosity into getting familiar with the tooth fairy, you can read to him different children's poems. This will not only make him take a keen interest in the whole affair, but will also help distract him from the pain. When a child loses his first tooth, he is often scared. So, you should try to do whatever you can, to distract him. Getting him excited about the tooth fairy, will make his tooth shedding experience a little less painful.
On a normal & lazy, but working Saturday,
Someone special came to my clinic I must say,
At the door stood a very strange figure,
And I exclaimed excitedly as it entered,
"Oh my God! It's the tooth fairy with a magic wand in her hand!"
"Tooth fairy?" she said, "Who me? Oh yes, that I am",
My assistant, who was asleep, by now,
Was wide awake & wondering what was happening and how,
"Tooth fairy with a toothache? Wasn't expecting this from you!"
"Why not?" she said, "Our teeth have nerve supply too!",
So I sat down, examined and made the decision,
"Sorry" I said, "But this will go for extraction",
"Do whatever you want" she said, "Just get rid of this toothache,
And do it fast, I can't be seen here as my reputation is at stake!",
Then I held up her extracted tooth & asked her with it what I should do,
She said "Keep it, perhaps because of it I'll ask Lady Luck to shine on you",
So now I have my most prized possession laden with caries,
An extracted tooth of a beautiful tooth fairy.
Poem From the Fairy
Just leaving a dollar bill underneath the pillow will be way too clich├ęd, even for your six year old child. So instead, write a small poem for your child, addressed to him, so that it looks like it's a poem from the tooth fairy. It will not only excite him, and will be a 'note' he will treasure all his life, but it's also a good chance for you to give him some advice, and instill some values into him. So here is a small sample that I have written as one of the types of poems that you can write for your child (as the tooth fairy of course!)
I know you've been a good child all year round,
For that is why I have taken your tooth with its crown,
But this is only a start, for your life lies ahead,
Be a good child and do everything your parents have said,
Study well and work hard, for that is the path to success,
This is my advice to you, till I see you again!
Poem From the Child
This can be a great time to encourage your child to do a little something in return of the favor of the fairy. He can try writing a small note or poem to the fairy, requesting her to come and take his tooth. Don't bother about the composition of poetry, but encourage your child to write, for whatever words your little Wordsworth churns out, you should be highly appreciative of them, after all, it's the first step in writing for your tiny tot.
Even if he can't write an entire poem, just a few words will suffice, because the child, out of sheer enthusiasm, will happily jot down a little something for the tooth fairy. So, here is a small poem for the child, if he isn't able to come up with anything.
I've been a good child all this time,
So tooth fairy please take this tooth of mine,
My first tooth only yesterday fell,
In return please give me a dollar; for I promise to spend it well!
The shedding of a child's first tooth is always a special occasion, so go ahead and pen down these poems to make it even more special.