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Topics to Write About in a Journal

Out-of-the-box Ideas for Topics to Write About in a Journal

Looking for topics to write about in your journal? This Penlighten article will give you a myriad of options.
Pankaj Chobharkar
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Writing a journal is different from keeping a diary. In a diary you simply record the day-to-day events and happenings of your life, whereas in a journal you include your emotions, thoughts, and opinions on these events. If someone happens to read your diary they will know what is happening in your life, but if someone reads your journal, they will know you.
Journals can be of various types, like personal, topic-oriented, a scrapbook, creative writing journal, etc. A diary is usually more personal, while a journal can be written considering an audience. Although you don't need any exceptional writing skills, sometimes we run out of interesting stuff to write about. So, here are some subjects to write on.
  • School Memories
  • Most Embarrassing Moment
  • My Ultimate Dream
  • For Me Friendship Is ...
  • For Me Love Is ...
  • For Me God Is ...
  • My Weirdest Dream
  • What Would be the Happiest Day of My Life
  • My Deepest Secret
  • Why XYZ is My Favorite Song
  • The Strangest Person I Have Met
  • My Trip to XYZ Place
  • Life of My Dog
  • Most Difficult Decision I Have Ever Made
  • If I Had Not Chosen this Career I Would Have Chosen ...
  • The Time I Got Lost in a Strange Town
  • My Worst Nightmare Would Be ...
  • If I Become the King of the World for a Day
  • What I Hate the Most About My Life
  • I'm Addicted To ...
  • My First Crush
  • How to Deal With a Break Up
  • A Confession
  • Places Where I Have Lived
  • An Unexpected Holiday
  • About Peace of Mind
  • 30 Things I Want to do Before I am 30
  • The Most Overrated Movie Is ...
  • An Incident I Witnessed
  • How to Deal with Annoying People
  • The Day Everything Went Wrong
  • The Best Way to Kill Time
  • How I Save Money
  • Is Writing an Art or Craft
  • Topics to Write About in a Journal
How to Write Journal Articles
The reason people read journals is that they are a personal account or opinion of someone. Readers are able to relate with them on a more personal level. So this is the first thing that the writer should bear in mind. One easy way of ensuring that your journal has a personal touch is using the freestyle writing method. In this method you just go on writing without bothering about grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, arrangement of ideas, or anything else.
You just pour out whatever comes to your mind about the topic you have chosen to write about. You can trim out the grammar and spelling mistakes, but keep the soul of the article same. Also, it is important to choose the subjects wisely. It is only obvious that if you choose to write on something you know about properly, it will be easier for you to form an opinion of your own on that subject. One more thing ... do not write if you can't think of anything to write about. Take a break and try some other time.
The above list is meant for brainstorming. Browse through the topics to come up with your own interesting topics to write about. As there is no limit to what your journal ideas can be, let your imagination soar as high as it wants.