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Vacate Notice to Landlord

Vacate Notice to Landlord

A vacate notice to landlord needs to be dispatched at least a month before the actual date, if you are vacating the rented house before the expiry of the agreement. Here is how to write one, along with a basic sample which you can use for reference.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: May 12, 2018
You have to abide by certain rules and regulations taking a property on rent. The basic thing that every landlord does is sign up an agreement for a specific period of time. If the tenant desires to vacate the house before the expiry of the agreement, then he needs to give a notice a priori. This written proposal is known as vacate notice to landlord, that needs to be dispatched at least a month before.

It's your responsibility to inform your landlord before vacating a house. You cannot simply leave a house suddenly if your agreement hasn't expired. A written letter has to be addressed stating the circumstances under which you are vacating the house. The notice period is usually 30 days. The letter needs to contain the details of your deposit as a reminder, and the maximum period within which your landlord has to return it. You have to also ensure that the house is in good condition and no damage has been caused. In case of any discrepancies, the amount gets deducted from the security deposit. However, in case of extreme urgency, if a bond is broken and you fail to give a proper notice, then probably the rent of one extra month is charged by the landlord. This is usually adjusted from the security deposit.

Similarly, a vacate notice from the landlord can also be issued asking you to empty the house. Such letters are known as renter's notice of intent to vacate. The notice from your landlord is sent to you if the apartment needs renovation, or is being sold as a commercial property, or for other valid reasons. However, every issue related to apartment rentals follow legal guidelines.

Intent to Vacate Notice Sample
Date: ________________________
Landlord's Name: ______________
Rental Unit Address: ___________

This letter will serve as tenant's notice of intent to vacate the property on [date]. It's a 30 days notice period, to follow up the process. I have to vacate this house on grounds of emergency [give a justified reason] and expect you consider my situation.

I would also like to recall that I had made a security deposit of [amount] on [date], which I'm liable to get back. I would pay the rent of the current month and I trust you to refund my deposit. I request you to return the security deposit within thirty days if it's not at your immediate disposition. The address on which you can send the cash/check is provided in the letter.

I assure you that the apartment is in good condition and shall be cleaned before vacating. I shall shift my belongings and hand over the keys on the same date. If you have any queries or instruction, kindly give a call on [phone number].

Thanking you,

Your Signature: _______________
Your Name: _______________
Your Address: _______________

Structure the letter well and be precise with your reasons and statements to receive a positive reply.