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Bereavement Thank You Notes

It is very important to send over thank you notes to those who showed their care when you lost your loved one. The following article will help you with some tips for the same that will be helpful in expressing your gratitude.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Thank You Notes
After losing a loved one to death, a person goes through the most difficult phase of one's life. One becomes emotionally spent and cannot think of socializing or interacting with people around him/her. Thus, writing a bereavement thank you note becomes extremely difficult, as one is out of focus and still in a grieving mood. The following tips will prove to be very handy in such a situation.


When you sit down to write, you need to first make a list of people who need to be thanked. There are many people who may attend the funeral, and you do not need to send notes to them all. But, you do need to send over these notes to the clergy, hospital staff (if any), pallbearers, and those who sent you flowers, gifts, or messages. Do not forget those special friends and family members who supported you during the difficult time and extended help during the service. The funeral etiquette requires you to send over thank you notes to only those people who sent something over or did something specific during the funeral arrangements.

Your notes should be short, sweet, and sincere. You need to address them to the person and add a few lines that express your gratitude. If the person did something that is worth appreciation, it should be mentioned in the note. The note is to be closed with the words "Thanks again" and your signature.

You can purchase simple printed cards with envelopes. Some cards have simple sayings and some are left blank. It is always a better idea to opt for a handwritten note, as it shows a personal touch and makes the receiver feel that you are showing your sincere gratitude. However, a simple card is also fine. You should always sign the card by hand and never use digital signature.

  • The family of (Name of the Deceased)

    Wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your kind expression of sympathy.

    Thank you.
  • Dear _____________,

    No words could ever express our appreciation for the love and support you have shown us after the passing of (name of deceased). We are deeply grateful.

    With love,

  • Dear Reverend _____________,

    The eulogy that you delivered for (name of deceased) was beautiful. We were especially moved at your mention of (his/her) sharp wit and love of life.

    (Name of deceased) was a source of great joy in our lives, and we will miss (his/her) fun-loving nature and keen sense of humor. Thank you for honoring (him/her) in such a sincere and heart-felt manner. We greatly appreciate your loving tribute.

    With Warmest Regards,

  • We deeply appreciate your kind
    expression of sympathy
    in our time of great sorrow.

    We know our pain will decrease
    and what will remain will always be.

    Love all whom you hold dear
    Precious is the time you share
    Do not wait for tomorrow
    For tomorrow may not be...

    Thank you for keeping us
    in your thoughts and prayers.


    The family of _____________
  • The family of the late (name of the deceased) sincerely appreciates your kind expression of sympathy in our great loss. Your sympathy to our family is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  • The _____________ family finds healing in God's tender love and embrace, and in knowing that others remembered and cared.

    Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Dear _____________,

    On behalf of my family and myself, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent. Your thoughtfulness means so much, especially during this difficult time. (Name of the deceased) really valued your friendship. Thank you again for extending your support.

    Warm Regards,

  • Dear _____________,

    On behalf of my (mother/father/grandmother/family), please accept (his/her/their) sincere gratitude for the (card/gift/flowers/financial contribution) you sent in memory of (name of deceased). It is only the generosity of good friends like you that has brought us through this difficult time.

    Thank you.

    Respectfully yours,

  • Dear ______________,

    As you know, (name of deceased) was a devoted (husband/wife) to me and a wonderful (father/mother) to (his/her) children. We are blessed to have had (his/her) love and presence in our lives for so many years.

    Losing (name of deceased) has been a very painful experience. Your loving support has been of great help in this difficult time. Thank you for being there when we needed you the most.

    With Love,

  • The family of (name of the deceased) would like to express their deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the love, kindness, and thoughtful gestures that you have bestowed upon them during this time of bereavement.

    May God Bless You!
These were a few examples thank you notes that you can take help of. It is good etiquette to send these bereavement notes at least within three weeks of the funeral services.
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