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Personal Reference Letter Template

Personal Reference Letter Template

Has a friend asked you to write a letter of recommendation for him? In that case you need to refer to a template which will help you draft the letter for your friend.
Tulika Nair
What is a personal reference letter and why would you need to write such a letter? Any sample will tell you that such a letter works as a character recommendation letter to inform someone about the positive qualities that a person possesses. There are several instances in which such a letter can be very important, especially for employment. This letter can also be important in case you are planning to adopt a kid, applying to be a foster care parent, in court hearings, scholarships, etc. While generally reference letters from family members are not accepted, there are certain exceptions to this. In order to draft a good personal recommendation letter, it is important to be aware of the proper format. There are many websites that will provide you with free templates and samples to help you with this task at hand.

It is important to keep such a letter genuine. It is true that it serves the purpose of highlighting the good points of an individual but it is easy to look through exaggerated praise. Avoid doing so as it may actually hamper your friend's chances. It is important to mention what the key qualities that make up a person's skill set are and how they are relevant to the situation at hand. Focus on the good points and avoid flaws. Divide the letter into neat and thoughtful paragraphs so that the letter is easy to read. Remember that while the tone of the letter may be informal, the format should be one of a formal letter. If you are unsure of whom to address the letter, add the salutations as to whomsoever it may concern. Once you have written the letter it is important to go through the letter and check for any errors.


Your Name
Your Address


Name of Addressee
Name of Organization


Dear Mr./Ms

In the first paragraph of the letter introduce yourself to the addressee. It is important to give some details about yourself like who you are and what you do. It is in this paragraph that you will mention how you know the person you are recommending. All these details are important as it will make clear to the addressee how you are in a position to make a recommendation for the person in question.

The second paragraph should detail the skills and qualities of the person you are recommending. It is important that the qualities you mention have a bearing on the reason you are writing this letter of recommendation. You should mention how well you know the person and for how long you have known him. This will establish the long relationship you have had with the person you are recommending.

In the last paragraph, thank the person and end on a hopeful note that the person you are recommending is successful in his endeavor. Also provide the addressee with your contact details so that he or she can contact you if necessary.

Yours sincerely,
Your Name

Whether you are referring a person for a scholarship or recommending someone as parents for adopting a child, writing a proper reference letter will be extremely easy for you now that you know its correct format.