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Reference Letter Template for Teachers

A Reference Letter Template for Teachers to Help You Draft One Easily

In case you're looking for a reference letter template for teachers, this is just where you should be. This article will help you with the basics of writing a good recommendation letter for teachers.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: May 12, 2018
What helps a person get his dream job? His education? Alright. His professional experience? OK! But there is one more thing that will get him one step closer to landing that job that he wants so bad. It is a good reference letter. Yes, a good reference letter can make the difference that the employer is looking for. The importance of a good reference letter cannot be stressed enough when it comes to a teaching position. After all, it is an entire batch of students that will be entrusted to the new teacher. The best way to judge if a teacher is suitable for the position, would be to get his/her former or current students to write an excellent reference letter or him/her. For their assistance, this article has a template that may be of help.

How to Write a Good Reference Letter

A reference letter for a teacher (written by his student) reflects on the teacher as a person and as a professional. It reflects how well he has done his job of teaching the student. And no one can form a more honest opinion of the teacher than his student. So, if you want your favorite teacher to get that awesome teaching position that he truly deserves, just keep the following points in mind.
  • Use crisp and correct language.
  • While writing the letter, highlight all the positives of the person, as a teacher and as a human being.
  • Give examples or anecdotes showing why you think that he is perfect for the position.
  • Keep in mind that what and how you write will show how well he's taught you, so after writing, get your recommendation letter proofread.
  • Use good quality paper for printing the recommendation letter.
  • Follow a standard format of greeting, address, introduction, body, conclusion, and end salutation while writing a letter of recommendation.
A Template


Name of addressee
Address of addressee

Introduction: In this paragraph, introduce yourself and the purpose of writing the letter.

Body: In the body, highlight why you think the person is suitable for the teaching position. Explain what his good qualities are and how he used them to make himself a better teacher, and you, a better student.

Conclusion: Thank the person for reading the letter and once again, state that the person is perfect for the position.


Here's a sample that you can refer to before writing the letter.


Name of addressee
Address of addressee

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am (your name) and I am writing this letter as a recommendation for (person's name). It may seem out of the ordinary, but I truly believe that there is no better judge of a teacher than his pupils. Hence, I'm writing this letter in an attempt to do some justice to the remarkable person and teacher that he is.

(Person's name) has been my History teacher since I joined (name of school) 4 years ago. I remember, I was the new kid in school at the time and History was my first class. I was never too fond of the subject, but from my first day on, (person's name) made me feel comfortable and I soon grew to love the subject. So much so, that I began to top the class in it! He has a calm and cool disposition, which is highly infectious. He can make even the greatest problem seem like a tiny ant. As a teacher, he makes sure that all of his students are on board with the latest happenings in his class. And he always helps those who have difficulties, study-related or otherwise. What else can you ask for in a teacher? Hence, I think he is a perfect choice for the esteemed position of (position) at your privileged institution (name of institution).

In conclusion, all I want to say is that I'm not the only one who thinks so highly of him. I'm sure that anyone in my school will have many wonderful things to say about him too. Hence, I sincerely believe that like he has enriched our lives at (name of school), the students at (name of institution) also deserve a chance to receive his expert guidance.

Thank you.

Your name
Name of school

Hope this article has helped you realize how easy to write a reference letter. You never know, your letter may be the turning point in helping your teacher get his perfect job.