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Sample Thank You Letter

Sample Thank You Letter

A sample of a thank you letter can be of great help to you while learning to write one. So, read this article to understand better what goes into writing one.
Sujata Iyer
Thank you letters are a way of showing your appreciation for a service rendered to you, or for some time given to you from the busy day of another. Writing a formal thank you letter is considered good business etiquette, whether it is a simple after an interview, a generous donation, or any other reason. In this Penlighten article, let us look into the nitty-gritty involved in writing professional and personal ones.
General Format
  • Date
  • Name of Writer
  • Address of Writer
  • Name of Addressee
  • Address of Addressee
  • Opening Salutation (Dear Mr./Ms.)
  • Introductory Paragraph: To introduce yourself and why you are writing the letter.
  • Second Paragraph: To once again mention the purpose of the letter, and how you appreciate whatever has been done for you.
  • Concluding Paragraph: To conclude, simply thank the person again, and end graciously.
  • Closing Salutation (Sincerely)
Writing the letter becomes very easy once you pay attention to the little details like using simple language, not overly flowery as it may appear fake, and sending the letter within a day or two of receiving the help that you received. Time is of the essence when it comes to sending a thank you letter. A delay in sending it may result in the point being totally lost.


In this section, we'll give you samples that you can use as material for when you are required to write one for some purpose.

... After an Interview

Mark Shallow,
21/4 P,
Huntington Road,
New York.

Charlotte Graham,
Charles Security Services,
27/ P,
Chiltern Street,
New York

Dear Ms. Graham,

I am Mark Shallow, and I had visited your office for an interview 2 days ago, for the post of Human Resources Executive. I'm writing this letter just to thank you for giving me the time that you did.

I am aware that your company is a huge establishment, and that it is not feasible to spend even a single minute without working. Even with such a packed schedule, you took the time to meet with me, and grant me an interview. I assure you that if selected for the job, I will give you my level best, and work with my heart and soul for the company.

Thanking you once again for the time and patience that you showed towards me. I hope to be called for the next round of the interview soon.

Mark Sallow

... on Receiving a Donation

The Contemporary Dance Trust,
4825 Coplin Avenue,
AZ 85034.

Helen A. Kenney
872 Pine Tree Lane,
Silver Spring,
MD 20904.

Dear Ms. Kenney,
I, Alice S. Greer, Chief Secretary of The Contemporary Dance Trust (TCDT) am in receipt of a check from you as a donation for our institution. I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank you for your kindness, but also to assure you that your donation is in perfectly safe hands.

We, at TCDT aspire to nurture budding talent at our institution. We have been looking for alternate premises to conduct our coaching since quite some time, and your donation will enable us to take on leasing a place that fits our requirements perfectly. The reason of the search for the new premises was the increasing number of students. You can judge by this fact that the institute is growing well and we hope that it will soon have its name in the top dancing schools in Arizona.

Once again, I thank you on behalf of the entire staff and all the students at TCDT for your magnanimous donation. Details, copies and corresponding receipts of the lease agreement will be mailed to you as and when all matters are finalized.

Alice S. Greer.
Chief Secretary,
The Contemporary Dance Trust.

... after a Wedding
Dear Aunt Veronica,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. George and I missed you terribly at our wedding. But we totally understand that you had to be with Uncle Chris, while he recovers from his surgery. Hope he's doing better too.

Why I'm writing this letter is, to thank you for the lovely antique vase that you sent us for our wedding. Impeccable taste has always been your strong point, and this vase is testimony. Everyone loved it, and we've placed it on the fireplace mantle, where it is clearly visible to anyone entering the living room!

Thank you once again for the gift. We hope to see you soon, as George and I are planning to fly down to visit Uncle Chris. We'll call you soon with more details.

Amy & George.

... before Relocating
Dear Anne,

I remember the day I moved into Wayside Line. It was hot and I look liked a poached egg. You were kind enough to offer me a refreshing glass of lemonade while the moving team unloaded my stuff from the truck. That little gesture of kindness to a stranger is one of my most cherished memories of my life here at Wayside.

Now that I have to pack up and leave once again, I cannot help but reminisce about all the wonderful times that would follow that glass of lemonade. I want to thank you with all my heart for not only welcoming me into your neighborhood, but also into your heart and your life. Thank you for all the help you've given me; from gardening tips to relationship advice, from handyman numbers to delicious recipes!

I truly appreciate everything you've done for me and will cherish everything that I have learned from you. I hope to run into another Anne in my new city. But that would be wishing for something impossible! Thank you once again.

Much love,

Well, that should give you a fair idea of how simple and to-the-point a formal thank you letter should be and also that you can take all the liberty you wish to in a personal one. So pick up that pen, switch on that computer and get started with your 'thank you's.