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Sponsorship Letter Format

Sponsorship Letter Format

Are you individually or as a representative of a company seeking financial support? Writing good sponsorship letters can make a huge difference in the prospects of getting the required help. This article discusses the same.
Kundan Pandey
Sponsorship letters are written for seeking some financial assistance from large corporate firms, governmental organizations and other donation organizations. What should be the sponsorship letter format and what are the writing skills necessary for writing a proper sponsorship letter? Well, more than good writing skills, you must make sure you include all the important information about the program. Here is a detailed information on sponsorship letters.
How to Write a Sponsorship Letter
First and foremost, the sponsorship letter format matters a lot. Write everything in order, without making any formatting errors. The address and other important data must be mentioned properly. Begin by introducing what made you to request for the sponsorship letter. Give a detailed information about the institute where you are going for further studies or for other purposes. You need to mention why you need the sponsorship. You have to ensure that the program for which you are seeking sponsorship, is worth for consideration. Maintain a polite tone throughout the letter and mention the costs incurred and the contribution you are expecting from the firm.
Letter Format
While writing a sponsorship letter, make sure that the letter format is correct and there is detailed information about the address and contacts of the person. Follow a proper order in writing the sponsorship letter. Here is a sample sponsorship letter, that will help you to understand the format of sponsorship letter.
Character recommendation letter for a Fellowship Program
Date: 11th January, 2009
Name of the Potential Sponsor
City, State (Pin code)

Dear Sir/Mam/Mr./Mrs./Ms. Name:

My name is Bob Wilson, and I'm a 12th grade student at St. Paul's School in (give the address). I have recently qualified an exam for becoming the student for an elite private institution named, XXXX (give the name of the institution), that takes students on a 30 day long educational tour to European countries. The primary objective of this program is to foster leadership qualities amongst the youth of the United States of America and understand the dynamics of a different culture of the world.

The 30 day program is scheduled for various meetings with the government delegates of the country, corporate honchos of big firms and interactions with students of my age and educational background. The written exam, followed by an interview was conducted to test the skills in fields like world history and sociology and various cultures. I feel happy to have qualified that exam.

In my tour, I will try my best to broaden my understanding about the European history and it's effect on the World history. After I return to my school, I plan to share my experiences with all the schools and students in my area.

In the endeavor to complete this coveted tour, I'm seeking for some financial sponsors to help me manage the expenses of the tour. I believe that your firm, that is famous for helping student community will try its best to help me. In case you are unaware about the name of the institution (XXXX) that has selected me for this program, I would like to share with you a brief history of this institution.

The institution (XXXX) was founded as an International Peace and Cultural Exchange Institution (IPPCI), by a renowned educator (give the name). The aim of this organization is to promote educational and cultural awareness among student community.

I have requested for various other donations of specific amounts from other firms also. My total tuition cost is divided into the transportation, accommodation and other costs. I have enclosed a form along with this letter, that includes all the necessary information about the donation amount. My contact number, address and other details have also been mentioned. In case you need more information, feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward for your help and support.

Yours sincerely,
Name of the Student
These were some of the tips on how to write a sponsorship letter format. Like the above letter you can include your name and other details and write a good sponsorship letter. Remember to keep the letter simple and don't try to exaggerate any of your facts.