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Sympathy Letter Template

Sympathy Letter Template

A sympathy letter template that is both simple, and expressive. You'll come across on how to write a condolence letter, as you can never be sure when you'll need it for someone...
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: May 12, 2018
The passing away of a loved one/close friend is not something that is easy to deal with, let alone face during the traumatic time. The worst deaths are those that occur suddenly when the family or close friends aren't prepared for what is to come. Some people are given a glimpse of what it will be like to not have that person around anymore, with days passing by in slow motion as the person's life slowly ebbs away. When the funeral comes around, it can be quite heartbreaking to see someone finally put to rest, never to have them around again.

The feeling can be quite gut-wrenching for the first few weeks, where things seem to get just a little easier as months go by. A sympathy letter for those who lose loved ones and are in a state of mourning, need that little boost in their spirits which you comfort them with your kind words.

How to Write a Letter of Sympathy

When writing a letter of sympathy, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind before you start out on one. If you knew the deceased person well, then it is easier to word it out in a way that comforts the person reading it. If you don't know the family well, then it would be hard to be of any kind of solace to the reader, since you'll be just another somebody writing in. So depending on what your relationship is with the family, you can put your string of thoughts together into text, and then covey your words of condolence. It is important not to stray away from the main point at hand, since the reader is not in the mood or state to read anything that would seem at this point, trivial.

Those going through a hard time, need comforting words and not the kind that would make them look back on the incident with more remorse. If you aren't well connected to the family you're sending the sympathy letter to, mention clearly who you are so that they can reply when they can, about appreciating the fact that you sent in the letter. A sympathy letter works well for those who cannot make it for the funeral, or those who heard the news after the incident took place. If you weren't able to get firsthand information because you were elsewhere or too far, then sending a condolence letter would seem apt.

You can always start out your letter (if you knew the deceased well) with how you knew him/her or what they meant to you, and what significant role they played in your life or even a small recount of a memory that would seem appropriate. No harm in bringing a smile to the face of the reader, especially when they're going through such a whirlwind of a time. A letter should ideally be sent somewhere in the following week from the funeral, since by then the family would have gained some emotional control and mental composure.

Letter of Sympathy Template

You'll find here a structured sympathy letter template of what a condolence letter should look like. The layout is the same if you're sending it by post (except for the envelope which is an obvious addition), if not then an email will suffice. All that is needed in an email is the proper salutation that will open the email's beginning, with the body of the letter broken into paragraphs in the right places, and the end with your best wishes and name.

Sample of a Condolence Letter
Dear Clarisse,

I'm sorry to hear about your father (the deceased in question), seeing that you were immensely close to him. As a close friend (change your relation with the deceased person when you mention who you are, should you be a distant relative or friend) of your father's I have to say that upon hearing about his death, I was upset to discover that he left all of those who knew and loved him, much too soon.

I am sure that wherever he is, that he is not only safe and sound, but looking out for you (if referring to more than one family member, change the wordings) just like he always did. Take comfort in knowing that he is with us in spirit now, ever present and watchful.

May God bless you and give you strength and endurance during this time.

Much love and heartfelt good wishes,
(Mention your name)

The above mentioned sympathy letter template is one that you can change and alter, following any flow in the words that you wish to send across instead of what's exampled here. The format is the same when typing out an email, except that of course in a posted letter the address details are mentioned on the envelope along with a postal stamp before you send it out.