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How to Write a Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

How to Write a Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

An authorization letter often proves to be quite handy in case of a medical emergency. Here, a medical treatment authorization letter, it's intent, meaning, legal premise, format and how to write such a letter has been discussed.
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Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
A medical treatment authorization letter is, as the name suggests, an authorization letter which authorizes a medical treatment. An authorization letter is issued to a person or party as a right and also a responsibility to get or oversee a specific medical treatment. For example, parents issue boarding schools or wardens with such letters to authorize them to get medical treatment for their children in case of incidences and as and when needed. In other cases, companies, local guardians, college/university teachers or officials lawyers and even hospitals, clinics and doctors themselves can be issued with a medical treatment authorization letter.

Legal Premise of the Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

When a certain person authorizes a specific medical treatment or provides his/her consent of the treatment thereof, the person indirectly shoulders the responsibility for the outcome of the treatment. Basically, under normal circumstances (in absence of any tort), the doctors, surgeons and hospitals and overall, any of the medical practitioners cannot be held liable for the consequences of the medical treatment. Apart from that, such a letter is also required for life-threatening situations or in cases of coma or brain-dead patients. There is significant legal premise for the document and the person writing the letter and providing authorization takes the full responsibility for the outcome of the procedure. The person in possession of the letter, is legally, the representative of the authorizer and has been granted the authority and also partially the responsibility to oversee the procedure.

The medical treatment authorization letters are issued to medical institutes, hospitals or doctors, by first relatives of infants, underage children, or people who are in coma or people are considered incapable of deciding or providing consent for themselves.

Format of the Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

  • A common medical treatment authorization letter is usually short and swift with only 2-3 statements doing all the talking. Such statements should include, some details, such as your name as the authorizer, the person to whom the authority is being granted, the identification of both, along with an address and the relation between you and the person to whom the authority has been granted. Some other details may include, the names of usual physicians, family doctors or any other medical practitioner who has been consulted beforehand.
  • Apart from that, mentioning the name of the doctor or medical practitioner who has recommended or prescribed the said medical procedure is also mentioned. In fact the letter can also request the supervision and diagnosis or even simply the presence of a certain doctor, who is familiar with the person's medical history.

Post the conclusion, some critical details are also written, which include:

  • Name, address and contact details
  • Current location of the authorizer
  • Health, dental or any other insurance policy number or account number which would fund the treatment
  • Social Security Number
  • Bank account number or any other significant identification number

In some cases, contact details of the person's lawyer or the family physician or the usual physician are also included. The following is an example showing how to write a medical treatment authorization letter. Please note that the different details which have been given in the letter are fictitious.

Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

Desmond Ruben
Ricardo Heights,
New Town Sector,
Hacienda CamarĂ³n,

I, as undersigned, Desmond Ruben, authorize, Mr. Cavallo De Munez of Rathbone Villa, Danjou Estate, Aubagne, Huveaune valley, to oversee, fund and authorize the rightful medical treatment under all or any circumstances, to my daughter Miss. Layla Ruben, in my absence from my homeland. Mr. De Munez is the official legal guardian, Godfather and custodian of my 10 year-old daughter, Miss Layla Ruben's, in whose residence she resides, in my absence.

The treatment may be prescribed by any physician or any other certified medical practitioner. Dr. Jane Smith has been Layla's doctor since her birth, who may give rightful opinion on the matter.

Desmond Ruben

Personal Details of Cavallo De Munez:
  • Contact: 0442-401-4222
  • Social Security Number/Identification Number: #SDFP3489475
  • Policy Number: #LIP-DFDV-GGD-455893
  • Signature:_______________________________

In some extreme cases, the document is also notarized. In cases, where companies pay for the treatment of its employee's trade and employment related injuries, an entire hospital or medical institute is granted such a letter.